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Many of us often get the urge to help make the world a little safer, warmer, or happier for someone else.‎‏

But somehow daily distractions intervene and suddenly our drive is diminished, and we become consumed by everyday life as we know it.

Lebaladna is now recruiting members to get involved in its diverse projects, which all share the mission of touching the lives of millions of Egyptians.

We founded Lebaladna five years ago with the goal to give, to help, and to do our part in reducing the inequalities that plague our society. Our projects have ranged from cooking and distributing meals in Ramadan, to helping students return to school, to distributing blankets across the country, among many others.

So far, Lebaladna has proved that when there is a dream, a strong will and commitment to development, then the impossible can be achieved. Now, it is time to develop the foundation further so that we are prepared to tackle even bigger dreams.

Through its various projects, Lebaladna does not only seek to provide education, health care, shelter and food supply to Egypt's underprivileged communities, it also aims to emphasize the links that hold different factions of Egyptian society together.

We live in challenging times. But moments of struggle sometimes force us to thrive. We invite you to join Lebaladna and experience the joy of giving, and of making a change in someone's life.

Job Description of each Committee or Team:

Research team:

Creating innovative ideas for campaigns and elaborated on all sides

Compilation of ideas & suggestions, and examine the capability to implement them

Fundraising Team:

Providing the organization with the required resources (money, printing papers or banners, food service)

Preparation of offers to sponsors

Communication Team (Media, Marketing & Public Relations):

Marketing the objective of Lebaladna organization in Media and public agencies

Responsible for photographing and videotaping all the organization’s activities

Follow-up and development of the Fb page, website and any other media channel

Processing of professional marketing plans and campaigns for all our projects

Responsible for the organization’s agreements and any entity or person (VIP guests, media, ..)

Human Resources (HR):

Tracking members and projects

Providing training and necessary sessions for team members to raise their efficiency

Interviewing new members and assigning them to different teams

Informing members and volunteers of project schedules and meetings

Logistics Team:

Dig ways and means out to streamline the most favorable and budgetary mode for transporting the organization's members and products, thus maintaining the organizations’ economic level.

Projects Team:

Finding ways to implement the desired projects.

mplementing the projects


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